Monday, February 27, 2012


If you ever take the marriage plunge I suggest you at least take a week long Bachelor party trip with four of your best friends. I found a memory card from my old phone and it had these pics and a video of the trip.

Gasing up and getting out of Texas.

Day 1 Baton Rouge

Best hip ever.

Crew in Baton Rouge

Packing up at the hotel after a ruff night in New Orleans

Davis "came up" on a bag that goes on your roof to hold stuff
in at wal mart  then put it on in their parking lot. Then it killed our
gas mileage so we had to take it off.

Morning view after camping in Pensacola

A horse and a dirty mexican.

View from a observatory tower in Pensacola.

Where is Mexican Eric?

Unfortunately Davis spent most of his time 200 yards
 away from the crew in aggressive text message battles.

My family's steak house.

Tunnel in Alabama.

Micky Marshall and Lil pat blasting the hip.

rest of pics by @gutstains
As soon as we pulled into the hotel in NOLA .
 Eric rushed straight to the bar bought a drink and a
 round for everyone in the bar. Then brought his drink
outside bunnyhopped through this cart and went
 back to the bar.

Stopped at this skatepark in Pensacola but everyone besides Eric
 was to hungover from  NOLA to ride.

Camping in Pensacola.

2010 Aggressive Text Messaging Champion.

Beach near Destin.




Showed up to Kona at 2 a.m. The owner gave us permission to camp
 there and even left the lights on.

Group shot 3 am KONA all smiles.

Shout out to Super Dave (kona caretaker) he was out
fishing when we arrived and showed up at 4 a.m.
Thanks for everything. Hope to hang out again.

Horse cannot touch his bike for two years and
pick it back up with out missing a beat.

Group shot on a cold windy beach in Jacksonville.

Solo shot Jacksonville beach.

Waited about 15 years for this moment.

Rasta gap.

A Horse, A Hubba and a smith

First stop back in Texas

End of a amazing trip.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I am going to do a new house check with my current place 
soon but for now here is my place in Indianapolis 3 years ago.

5337 W. 36th street
Snowed in
wedge to dog house sub box

steep quarters>

chill spot in garage

big enough to a fit chill spot a quarter and the marquis

mini box jump to quarter 

my bike at the time

outside overview

@gutstains setting up a fire jump shot

sketch launch over a fire of burning ramps a couple days before
I moved out

my favorite set up steep quarter into the double wedge thing

Moving Day

while I packed up everything I owned into that truck and trailer
T-Town had a burger buffet and ate at least a dozen burgers!
building up T-Town a bike
photo @gutstains

My boy Travis a Naptown local X-uping the fire
Photo @gutstains

Travis airing quarter in garage
photo @gutstains